Controlled Substance Mailback Program

Sending medication waste in the mail is simple with this compliant drug destruction solution

Compliant Drug Destruction Available Anywhere in the US

Did you know that you can now achieve compliant controlled substance drug disposal through the mail with UPS?

The Secure a Drug mailback drug denaturing kit enables proper disposal of controlled substances directly in your healthcare facility without the hassle of service contracts or rigid pick-up schedules. Instead, you can now ship full containers through the mail in line with all DEA and EPA regulations. (Note: RCRA hazardous medications are NOT acceptable for mailback.)

Each mailback kit comes with the following components:

  • Secure a Drug activated carbon container.
  • Return shipping label.
  • Return box and pre-cut shipping tape.
  • Liner and zip tie.
  • Easy-to-use instructions.
  • Solidifier pouch

How it works: mailback drug disposal in 5 simple steps

1. Select your preferred product and receive initial shipment.

2. Unbox your Secure a Drug container.*

*Keep your shipment box for return

3. Begin disposing medications.

4. Once contents reach the fill line, remove container and properly pack your return box.

5. Send back to us at your earliest convenience!

What does a controlled substance mailback program look like?

Although simple in execution, mailback pharmaceutical disposal is designed to ensure total compliance with all DEA and EPA regulations, ensuring a convenient solution for any healthcare facility requiring controlled substance disposal. For a deeper dive into the details, read our blog to learn more about what the program entails, who it is a right fit for, and how it works.