What Matters To Us

Empowering healthcare professionals to care for patients and fellow clinicians through responsible and effective disposing of harmful substances.

Secure a Drug Product Expert

Olivia Hurst is our Product Expert specializing in all things-controlled substance safety. Prior to joining the Secure a Drug team, Olivia worked inside operating rooms and could see firsthand the need for a safe and sustainable solution for wasting unused medications. With her experience, she is helping healthcare facilities across the country keep their people safe and their water clean. Have questions about your existing policy or don’t have a solution in place? Reach out to Olivia for a consult on how to best transform your drug disposal program.

Treat with Care

Our core message is rooted in human well being. At the heart of Secure a Drug is the Hippocratic oath a dedication to the treatment of patients as humans first and foremost. “With care” means with intention. One very easy and effective way to treat with care is by eliminating any and all undue risk. Ineffective opioid disposal is a risk, both to patients and fellow clinicians.

Ashley Perry, Director – Hazardous Waste Services With extensive expertise in hazardous waste management and a knack for making complex information easy to understand, Ashley is a key resource for our clients. She leads our Environmental and Hazardous Waste team, focusing on providing healthcare facilities with safe and sustainable waste disposal solutions.


While regulatory compliance is critical, the responsibility we have as medical professionals to care for and keep patients and fellow clinicians safe is what drives us. Secure a Drug is the simple solution for deactivating and neutralizing pharmaceutical controlled substances. Secure a Drug allows for the easy and permanent removal of potential threats and abuse associated with the opioid crisis and beyond, reducing risk to those most vulnerable.


Give healthcare professionals simple tools, and they will make a lasting impact. Secure a Drug empowers clinicians to combat and ultimately end the opioid epidemic at its source through efficient and safe disposal of controlled pharmaceutical substances.